Centralized virtualization management enhancing IT efficiency for SMBs. Reduce your network cost up to 70%.

Multiple OS support

With the Virtualization Host, you can create multiple virtual machines to run various operating systems such as Windows, Linux, UNIX and Android. The Virtualization Solution helps to quickly integrate existing IT infrastructure into the NAS without additional hardware or license costs.

Virtual machine import/export

Virtual machines of various formats can be easily import to and export from the virtual host with simple steps. The administrators will enjoy extreme flexibility in arranging IT resources across machines.

Easily backup and restore Virtual Machines

Virtualization Host provides a clear overview of all the processing and scheduled tasks for VM backup and restoration. Virtualization Host allows you to back up active VMs without shutting them down, and snapshots of original VMs can also be kept to be rolled back to any point of time even after restoring the VMs

Unified communication solution 

Since BERG's virtualization solution runs in a full redundant NAS (Network Attached Storage) device services like centralized data sharing, backup & restore, cloud synchronization, etc are fully supported as default.  Other BERG's solutions can be bundled to the virtual network without any additional cost in hardware having a robust and centralized Unified Communication solution:


Some of the solutions that can be added as a service in a virtual machine (VM).


* The award Winning VoIP Telephone System 3CX

* BERG's VMS (Video Management Software) for all IP Security Surveillance

* BERG's Wi-Fi Centralized Management Solution

* Windows Servers for Domain Controller and/or application programs


All Virtual machines can be replicated to a second NAS or to the cloud so you can minimize issues related to data loss.


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